Should we be Disturbed by Photography?

Image of #Dysturb Poster (Image from #Dysturb website)

Image of #Dysturb Poster (Image from #Dysturb website)

Frustrated by the tepid approach corporate media has employed covering world events, a group of Paris-based photo journalists have taken to the streets. Founded by photographer Pierre Terdjman, the group called Dysturb pastes large photo posters in public spaces. In an article on TIME Magazine’s blog Lightbox, Terdjman states:

“The goal is to raise awareness about what’s actually going on in the world. We’re not looking to make a name or to degrade a city’s public spaces. It’s really about telling the story of what’s happening in CAR, in Egypt, in Ukraine.” 

Dysturb raises some interesting questions about the role photography plays in our view of world events. So far Paris officials have not hindered Dysturb’s activities and the organization has plans to expand their poster-plastering to other cities in the US and Europe.  Dysturb’s mission is stated on their minimal website.

“Who are we?
We are photojournalists who have taken onto the walls of your city to highlight stories undercovered by mainstream media.
We believe in photography to express the words, distinguish the emotions and elevate the voice of people.
We have chosen to print stories, to foster discussions and reactions.
We wish to open eyes and inform about the world we live in.
We are #Dysturb.”

Are the photojournalist of Dysturb on the right track? I’d like to hear your opinion.
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