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Frozen Lake, Trondheim Norway - © Børge Indergaard

Frozen Lake, Trondheim Norway – © Børge Indergaard

“Photography is more than a hobby for me – it’s a part of my life, a lifestyle, something I really enjoy doing, and a way to express myself and my creativity.”
Børge Indergaard

I came across Børge’s photo blog, “Observations,” when I started this site. I was looking for camera reviews and quickly became frustrated by the cookie cutter approach employed by most reviewers. I found Børge’s site and his yearlong review of the M Monochrom, and I thought how brilliant. I was even more impressed that he used only the M Monochrom and one lens exclusively.

I could go on about “Observations” but your time is better spent exploring the blog site. I have posted a link to Børge’s site below.

Børge was kind enough to provide some images for this post and answer a few questions.

Q: For the readers who have not visited your blog, how would you describe your approach to Photography?

BI: My approach to photography is quite simple. I try to keep things as simple as possible. I basically use one camera and one focal length and try to stick with that, as it makes me focus better. Photography is a passion for me, and not something I do as work. If it starts feeling like work, I will normally take some time off and let the camera rest. I want to enjoy photography, and I enjoy the process of taking photographs the most. Editing and post-processing is something that I do not enjoy as much, which is also why I rarely publish photographs, and also why my quick-selection in Lightroom always is filled up with hundreds of photographs that are waiting to be edited and processed.

Juliet's Wall, ©Borge-Indergaard

Juliet’s Wall – © Børge Indergaard

Q: I like the quotes from artists that you often include on your posts. Is there an artist/photographer that has inspired you, or some one you would like to emulate?

BI: Thank you. I like the quotes myself, as they inspire me, and the reason I post them is that I hope they will inspire others as well. There are many photographers that inspire me, but I don’t have one photographer in specific who inspires me more than others.

One ©Borge Indergaard

One  – © Børge Indergaard

Q: I have noticed a quality of light in your photographs that is very particular. Do you think that being from Norway, living so far North, has influenced your photography?

BI: I haven’t thought about this myself, but that might be. The light changes a lot from winter to summer time here. It’s quite a dramatic change having daylight from between 4am to midnight in the summer, to having daylight from 10am to 3pm in the winter. I find that the change will cause me to look for and go for a different mood in my images, depending on what time of year it is.

Q: You spent a year shooting exclusively with the Leica M Monochrom and a 50mm lens. Now that you have a little distance from that experience, how did it influence your photography?

BI: The year that I spent with a MM and a 50mm lens is the year that I personally felt that I have learned the most in photography. I still only use a 50mm lens (although I have two lenses, both of them are 50mm), but I currently use a Leica M240. I miss the Monochrom a lot, but I can not own both an M240 and MM for my limited use. Processing the M240 files takes a lot more time, but I can get about the same results from it that I got from the MM – Except at very high ISO (which I rarely found myself using, even in the dark). The best thing about the MM for me was the fact that the files are very simple to work with: No color corrections to worry about, no aberrations to worry about when shooting wide-open, and the files are extremely flexible and can be pushed in any direction and still retain a natural look.

To visit Børge Indergaard’s site follow this link.  indergaard.net

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